Thursday, October 7, 2010

First Day on the Job

It's almost hard to believe that I should be excited about this job.  The pay is terrible, the commute long, and the subjects either beyond or just at the edge of my expertise; yet here I am, sitting in MY classroom, typing on MY computer (I even get to take it home!), and feeling like I've actually got some ownership over something for a change.  I've even been given the online gradebook login for the teacher so I can manage attendance and grades.  It's almost like being a real teacher again!

The day was not difficult, if long.  I'm not used to block schedules, though that's basically what I had back when I taught in Nebo district.  The kids are good.  I enjoy seventh grade, but tomorrow is eighth, and I'v got long-standing reservation about eighth. 

Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, it's time to close up shop.  In one or two moments, I will take MY KEY for MY CLASSROOM out of my pocket, lock up, walk the halls out to the front, then to my car, and home.

On a side note, everything out here is so NEW: this laptop is new, the school is new (this is its first year), the road I took to get here has been open on one or two months, all the teachers are new.... 



  1. Awesome. Good luck!

    8th grade is the year I turned into a maniac, a process that would not conclude until I was almost kicked out of school the subsequent year. But I suppose that's not comforting. Remember, iron fist. They can't be that much worse than my class the last year that had a tendency to devolve into the back of the room thinking that all the world was a stage for their loud conversations. LOL Nothing you haven't licked before.