Sunday, October 3, 2010

For Those about to Cook

Not M.O.M.  D.A.D.  Me.  And this--minus the Target bit--is me at home: food for the kids, AC/DC for me.

Oh, yeah!


  1. My cooking style is definitely more phrenetic than that. Instead of slowly looking awesome, it's more me dashing across the kitchen to my ingredients shelf/flinging open the refrigerator door to get something out before whatever I'm preparing leaves me behind and gets burned. Oh, and running to my bedroom where my tv is to keep an eye on a particular sporting event that I happen to be watching. Usually mixed with some sort of a finger burn. Then the moment of truth when I open the oven and see if what I made resembles what I wanted to make. As bad as I am at it, I actually kind of enjoy it, though.

  2. Dude, cooking is where I find my zen. There's seriously no better way for me to relax after a day's work (and it's amazing how much work there is for an unemployed guy) than making dinner. I love it.