Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Despite possessing ventilation (merely a grated hole in each ceiling), the bathrooms in this spectacular and extravagant school, and having cost untold millions of dollars, are each missing a fan, which would remove the otherwise stagnant gases from their present malingering state.  Who is to blame?  Surely one whose name is engraved and lauded on the bronze plaque just inside the front entrance.  He or she--or even they--should be required to stand a minute or more in these little, tiled, hermetically sealed closets (and indeed, without air forced by fans--or, perhaps more appropriate to the otherwise profligate edifice, turbines--there is not more than insufficient lift to displace the weighty air already present in these faulty chimneys) immediately after their abandonment by some poor, anonymous teacher, just relieved of his/her gastrointestinal emergency, surely wrought by the deviances of the hoards of his/her charges.

Ugh.  It stinks!

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  1. i'm impressed at the eloquence you were able to write about the stink of a bathroom.